Healing Crystals – Using Crystals in Psychotherapy

The crystal pictures that adorn the shelves in our living rooms and bedrooms are not always artful. Most often they are simple photographs, usually taken by amateurs, with a decent amount of lighting allowing them to be displayed beautifully in the dark room. But for some people this is art. And they are not alone. Crystals have long been used as a medium of sorts in magical rituals and artwork. There are even healing stones made from crystals.

So what exactly is a crystal field? A crystal field is a view, an abstract view, like looking at a map or at the sky. It is neither a representation nor a view of things, such as your house or your garden, but rather of abstract thoughts.

A crystal field can be used to symbolize a spiritual awakening or it can be used to represent something that is happening in the physical world. It is not necessary that the crystal field necessarily be based on a color; it could simply be an all white field, for instance. A crystal field can take on any shape that the creator might desire.

The energy that make up the world we live in vibrates, and each and every thing in the universe emit waves of that energy. Crystals are very good reflectors of this energy and so they can be used to transform a room or a house into a tranquil, peaceful place. Because crystals have no solid surface, they are able to become more powerful when placed in the right areas. If you put them in a particular pattern or arrange them in certain ways, it can have a profound effect.

Another advantage to using crystal pictures or crystal fields is that they are relaxing. They can be just as soothing and calming to the hearer, as are photographs of sunset or ocean trips. A crystal field can provide the perfect backdrop for meditation or contemplation. It can also serve as a distraction during a difficult work-out or meditation session.

The healing powers of crystal pictures and crystal fields can be used for all kinds of conditions. A crystal field around a picture of a flower can provide a beautiful, large-scale view of a bouquet of flowers or a single bud. A crystal field over a picture of a sun setting on a beach can be soothing to the hearer. A crystal picture of a small seascape can focus the mind and draw one’s attention inward, into a state of peace and tranquility.

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