How to Download 3D Pictures From Your Cell Phone

It’s true, you can now get 3d pictures with your cell phone camera, the technology is here. Years ago you needed a whole computer system to take decent pictures with your digital camera, now you only need your cell phone and software. Yes, there are a few hundred bucks worth of software out there that supposedly can do this, but I have found that the quality, as well as the performance of the software, is very poor. At best they barely output an image, at worst they give you a super grainy, blurred picture. But today my friend showed me the new 3Ds that is a miniature mobile video game that will also take 3d pictures and the first thing to notice is the space between the cameras, now it’s so small, even though it’s only able to take very small pictures of very small objects, you will have the exact feeling of eagle eyes looking at you from thousands of feet away, just imagine how it will feel when you’re up high in the air, looking down on your enemy.

The only thing you need for this project is the right software and a cell phone with a digital camera. It doesn’t even matter if your camera is an old model or if it’s new because everything will still work. I know some people who are afraid that their pictures will look like a cloned hedgehog, well don’t be afraid, because no one ever looks like that. The reason why people get 3D pictures is because they have a high frame rate, because the image is stretched so perfectly, it will look like a real image, even though it’s a digital file. If you’re a hobbyist then this is something that you should seriously consider, because not only will you be having fun with it, but also you will be able to make some quick extra cash. It’s a lot easier than sitting at home and drawing all day, which I’m sure you know by now is a very time consuming hobby.

To start off, all you need to do is get a couple of digital cameras, preferably two, that cost around the same amount, then download the software onto your computer. You will need a photo editing program (I recommend Photoshop) and then either a normal or a high definition camera, because the quality of the pictures you are taking won’t matter if they’re in a low resolution format. Once you’ve downloaded all the software and set up your camera, turn on your cell phone and take a few pictures.

When you first open up the picture, you will see your pictures in 3D format. This is because the software takes a picture in a digital format and converts it to a normal format (such as the kind that your cell phone can accept). Now all you have to do is select all of your pictures in your gallery and start rearranging them, because all the pictures you took were taken in digital form. When you’ve finished doing this, you will see in the software what you’ve done, and it will give you a preview of what your new collection will look like.

The last thing you will need to do, after installing your software on your cell phone, is to upload all your pictures into your account. This is done through your “My Account” page where you can find all your pictures in one place. Make sure that you have all the correct details in place before you upload them, such as the date and time you took the picture, what resolution you are using (if you are unable to change it), and whether it’s in black and white or color.

That’s all there is to it. You don’t need to be a technical genius to do this. All you need is the patience to sit there and click through a couple of screens, or read the instructions provided by the website. Upload your favorite pictures into your cell phone and voila – instant access to unlimited photos.

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